Notion: Non-intuitive Integration with Grammarly

What are we asking? The ability to fix spelling and grammar errors by clicking on the correction suggestion in Grammarly

Notion integration with Grammarly is lame, as you can’t correct grammar mistakes directly from the proofing app. It must be fixed

Notion ( is a wonderful writing tool. It is not yet perfect, of course, and has a way to go to match the benchmark of the WordPress Gutenberg editor, not to mention MS Word, but for note-taking and drafting, Notion is quite powerful and highly featured writing environment.

Notion is still on the start stage, and the potential of the app as a writing tool is clear. Alongside with the amazing database capabilities of Notion and the smooth drag&drop competence, the writing experience is a significant growth engine for Notion App.

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Asana: No Full View of Custom Fields in a Workspace

What we are asking for? A top-level link that is pointing to a list of all custom fields in Asana current workspace, with indications for all the projects a field is in

Asana premium users can’t know at a glance what custom fields in Asana workspace are active. It must be fixed

Asana, the task management application, introduced the custom fields feature in 2016. Two years later, Asana announced 50,000 paying customers, way more than double the amount before custom fields in Asana.
In the last two years, Asana gained 1.5 more paying customers than in the previous five.

The custom fields feature was the game changer for Asana.

After adding the link capability to the text field, there is one big issue to resolve ASAP – the ability to full view of custom fields in Asana.

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