How To Prepare Content for Websites?

You can avoid all obstacles in advance with a simple Word template and a file directory

A simple SEO-ready Word template will help you smoothly prepare content for websites. Download for $3 only

If you regularly prepare content for websites, you know that at the end of the content flow, there is a content team member, an editor, that has an assignment to set the content correctly in the site CMS – to upload the content.
This person must get everything related to the content entry – text, links, images, attachments, meta-data, instructions, etc. – in order to upload it quickly, accurately, in a smooth cut&paste procedure.

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How To Avoid Distraction and Stay Focused on Your Work?

For writing, planning, researching, accounting and finance and learning you need to stay focused for 2 hours. Think it’s easy?

Meet the distraction checklist and how to prepare your workspace to stay focused for working without interruptions

Need to stay focused, completely distraction-free, for a couple of hours? The tip is simple: When you are going to concentrate on your work or studies, do not leave all the distractions open in front of you or beside you. They will steal your attention and time. Close everything, put the phone on mute mode and get in focus.

Seems easy to do? Let’s put it to test.

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