Choosing a Task Management Solution for Your Business – a Journey >

It is likely you will test some as 5-7 different task management tools before you will decide to bet on one

Task management solution that really works for you is a life-saver, no-less. How to know which is the one?

Task management is the key to productivity. Controlling your tasks means controlling your projects, your business, and life. Yes, in so many words. Once you will find the tool that suits your requirement and working style you will know that too – a good task management solution might be considered as a life-saver.

This review is about the mind-set you need to have while searching for a task management tool.

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How To Avoid Distraction and Stay Focused on Your Work?

For writing, planning, researching, accounting and finance and learning you need to stay focused for 2 hours. Think it’s easy?

Meet the distraction checklist and how to prepare your workspace to stay focused for working without interruptions

Need to stay focused, completely distraction-free, for a couple of hours? The tip is simple: When you are going to concentrate on your work or studies, do not leave all the distractions open in front of you or beside you. They will steal your attention and time. Close everything, put the phone on mute mode and get in focus.

Seems easy to do? Let’s put it to test.

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Taking Notes vs Note-Taking, Understanding the Difference

Understanding the difference between taking notes and note-taking is crucial for your productivity

Taking notes should be done in context and by conventions. Note-taking is free-style. You need different tools for each

How many apps are you using for taking notes? It depends on how many apps you have in your workflow. You take notes in your task management app, project management app, writing tool, maybe in your calendar too while preparing a meeting.

How many note-taking apps are you using? Probably one you chose carefully after testing a few. Evernote and Google Keep are two of the most well known note-taking apps.

Understanding the difference between taking notes and note-taking is crucial for your productivity.

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How a Website Empowers Word-of-Mouth Marketing?

The bottom line: A useful cost-effective website makes customers more willing to recommend, and becomes a generator of word-to-mouth marketing

Word-of-mouth marketing is the major explanation by small business owners for not having a website. What are they missing?

A survey from Australia brings an amazing information: Half of the small businesses do not have a website. Yes, the survey took place in 2018. The survey was quoted in

You probably can guess the main excuse: “most of my new clients come from word-of-mouth marketing”. Actually, 76% of the business owners that participated in the survey said that. Which means half of the business owners that do have a website might be thinking they don’t really need it.

Lets give them some reasons to think again:

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2+1 Essential Asana Chrome Extensions

Search your Asana workspaces, add new tasks on-the-go, curate bookmarks and paste images into your tasks

Install these Asana Chrome extensions to quickly add tasks and bookmarks and to paste images in tasks

Asana ( is one of the most popular task management tools in the world. Asana users have almost all they need to manage tasks and project within the app. What Asana does not give in the application, it allows by integration. So, basically, you do not need anything else to make the most out of Asana.

Yet, we recommend two Asana Chrome extensions that are essential for all Asana users and one more that might be essential for some.

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Google Translate Online – Quick Guide for Web and Mobile

How to use Google Translate online and some of the most useful features, quick translation from search, Chrome extension and the mobile app

Google Chrome and Android best practice for conveniently using Google Translate online

Do you need translation as part of your ongoing digital activities? If you do than Google Translate online is an essential instrument for you.

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Notion Settings: Best Practice for a New Account and Workspace

Set the personal workspace first, always create a database from a table, have a template zone, create database items outside the database

Tips for Notion settings that will make it easier for you to begin organizing your stuff with Notion

before starting Notion settings, Notion app is a productivity tool that is gaining attention and appreciation among experts and users.
Before starting Notion settings, read our review on Notion App

For many users, Notion settings could be a little confusing at first, especially the structuring of the workspaces.

4 tips for smooth start with Notion settings:

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Notion App Review: First Impression on the Rising Productivity Tool >

Notion is making a buzz among productivity-gurus and advocates. The rising of Notion is emphasized while in the background Evernote is struggling

I Took Notion App to a Test-Drive and Became a Paying Customer

Notion ( shamelessly claims to be an All-in-One productivity app, something we all thought we will never hear again. Moreover, we trained ourselves to laugh and ignore when we see these forbidden words. Yet, Notion app, that is titling itself loudly as All-in-One, is getting a lot of attention and nobody laughs. On the contrary, we hear WOWs and moanings.

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3 Major Evernote Failures to Challenge the Changing Reality

Back in 2007, Evernote was like cool water in a hot desert. Now there are alternatives. For the RTL users, it never was

I use five different tools to achieve what Evernote is claiming to give me in one

It is not a wild guess to presume that if you are here, you are already into the story about the rumors about Evernote failures.

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Backbone Collection: First Layer of Productivity Hardware Software

Regardless how you get the backbone collection, and what will be your selected tools, know the ingredients

The backbone collection of tools should come as ‘hardware software’. Checklist

The backbone collection is the first layer of software and utilities that are necessary for actually doing things in the digital space using your devices.
It called ‘hardware software’ because it is common to see the backbone tools as part of the hardware and connectivity setup.

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