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Meet the content areas in our productivity channel and know Interkef structure

Interkef is a productivity channel aimed to help improve your personal, professional and business productivity.

There are a lot of productivity channels. Some are quite good.
So, before you dive into our recommendations, tips and how-to guides, it would be best to learn who we are, what we are and how we are different.
About Interkef


  • On the top left – Interkef logo which will always bring you back to our updated homepage.
  • On the top right – The main menu with links to Interkef channels.
  • On the bottom of all content – Quick links to main areas in – channels, categories, tags – and links useful to user information and site tools.
  • On the right side – relative information, links, offers and more. Customized to the content you are watching.

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Content structure: Channels, categories, tools and tags productivity channel is divided into 5 main channels. All editorial content belongs to a least one channel:

Each channel includes all the related editorials: How-to guides, reviews, lists, articles and more.
You can view content from cross-channel, filtered by usability category, tools and products or by tags (i.e. subjects).

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