How To Prepare Content for Websites?

You can avoid all obstacles in advance with a simple Word template and a file directory

A simple SEO-ready Word template will help you smoothly prepare content for websites. Download for $3 only

If you regularly prepare content for websites, you know that at the end of the content flow, there is a content team member, an editor, that has an assignment to set the content correctly in the site CMS – to upload the content.
This person must get everything related to the content entry – text, links, images, attachments, meta-data, instructions, etc. – in order to upload it quickly, accurately, in a smooth cut&paste procedure.

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How a Website Empowers Word-of-Mouth Marketing?

The bottom line: A useful cost-effective website makes customers more willing to recommend, and becomes a generator of word-to-mouth marketing

Word-of-mouth marketing is the major explanation by small business owners for not having a website. What are they missing?

A survey from Australia brings an amazing information: Half of the small businesses do not have a website. Yes, the survey took place in 2018. The survey was quoted in

You probably can guess the main excuse: “most of my new clients come from word-of-mouth marketing”. Actually, 76% of the business owners that participated in the survey said that. Which means half of the business owners that do have a website might be thinking they don’t really need it.

Lets give them some reasons to think again:

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