I Love Notion, But I Choose to Work with Asana

Perhaps we would have given Notion more time, had it not been for the heartbreaking understanding that Notion will not have an RTL version anytime soon

The test with Notion was a huge success. It reminded me why I chose Asana and showed me how to better work with Asana

My long and wonderful ‘Notion vacation’ has come to an end. I am back to work with Asana and friends.
I gave Notion the opportunity to lead me and sweep me away.
It did the first but failed the second.

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Asana vs. Notion – Task Management in a Micro Business

Asana will cost you ten times more then Notion. When you need a dedicated task management app, absorbing the difference in price is inevitable

The default choice for a micro business is Notion. So the question is ‘When to use Asana?’ Three scenarios

The task management system is the heart of the business activity. Tasking – getting things done – is the bloodstream. That is correct for any business of any size. Thus, having a methodology and selecting a task management solution is crucial for all businesses.

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8 Things to Consider while Working with Notion

Create a table instead of a property, when things get fuzzy click ‘Open as Page’, keep parent pages clean, be cautious about dragging items between tables, and more

Quick tips for working with Notion and work-around some obstacles that are part of the Notion app environment

As Notion is taking a growing part of your work and time, the little things start to come up and matter.
Some are issues the Notion team should put high on their MBF (Must be fixed) list, like the integration with grammar checking tools, others are things you just have to take in consideration while working with Notion.

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Build and Manage a Knowledge Base in a Small Business >

A knowledge base cuts costs and supports sales and marketing. It is mainly for the business team, but in some businesses, an external KB for clients and customers use is needed

Small businesses do need a supervised knowledge base and should make it simple

Do small businesses need a knowledge base? The answer is – you’ll not be surprised to hear – YES. The two main reasons are that a knowledge base (KB) saves money and supports sales.

The benefits of a knowledge base are mutual for micro, small, medium and large businesses, though the solutions are, of course, different.

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Asana: No Full View of Custom Fields in a Workspace

What we are asking for? A top-level link that is pointing to a list of all custom fields in Asana current workspace, with indications for all the projects a field is in

Asana premium users can’t know at a glance what custom fields in Asana workspace are active. It must be fixed

Asana, the task management application, introduced the custom fields feature in 2016. Two years later, Asana announced 50,000 paying customers, way more than double the amount before custom fields in Asana.
In the last two years, Asana gained 1.5 more paying customers than in the previous five.

The custom fields feature was the game changer for Asana.

After adding the link capability to the text field, there is one big issue to resolve ASAP – the ability to full view of custom fields in Asana.

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Workflow Tracking: Asana Custom Fields Best Practice

The custom fields is a premium feature. Asana custom fields are essential for business uses and any workflow tracking. Understanding the game-changer for the task management app

What makes the Asana Custom Fields feature so powerful, and things to consider when using it

The Custom Fields feature, launched on September 15, 2016, was the game-changer milestone for Asana application. Asana Custom Fields promoted Asana from a sophisticated well-featured and highly-structured to-do list app, to the highest level of task management \ project management solutions.

With custom fields Asana became worth paying for.

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Asana Review – The Default for New Business and Focused Teams >

Either as a central management system for your business or as a focused environment for your team, Asana is a preferred starting point

For growing amount of tasks of different types and from various processes you need a strong hierarchy and high flexibility. Asana review

Asana (asana.com) is a highly recommended tool by many – if not a majority – of productivity gurus and consultants. So in this Asana review.

Who and where Asana can help the most?
Small businesses * Project teams \ departments * Freelancers * Home offices

In the productivity space, Asana is usually categorized under project management or task management. Lately, they started to use the category term ‘work management’. In Asana site they try to avoid all these categorizations and for a good reason:
Asana facilitates to organize and control almost any aspect in business and personal life.

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Anatomy of a Task – Before Testing Task Management Solutions

Task management solution has to handle a variety of assignments, all based on the same anatomy of a task. Know the basics

A brief view of the anatomy of a task, to help you understand what to look for in a task management tool

Understanding the anatomy of a task will serve you much when searching and testing task management and project management tools. Furthermore, it will improve creating, tracking and handling tasks and projects.

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Choosing a Task Management Solution for Your Business – a Journey >

It is likely you will test some as 5-7 different task management tools before you will decide to bet on one

Task management solution that really works for you is a life-saver, no-less. How to know which is the one?

Task management is the key to productivity. Controlling your tasks means controlling your projects, your business, and life. Yes, in so many words. Once you will find the tool that suits your requirement and working style you will know that too – a good task management solution might be considered as a life-saver.

This review is about the mind-set you need to have while searching for a task management tool.

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How To Avoid Distraction and Stay Focused on Your Work?

For writing, planning, researching, accounting and finance and learning you need to stay focused for 2 hours. Think it’s easy?

Meet the distraction checklist and how to prepare your workspace to stay focused for working without interruptions

Need to stay focused, completely distraction-free, for a couple of hours? The tip is simple: When you are going to concentrate on your work or studies, do not leave all the distractions open in front of you or beside you. They will steal your attention and time. Close everything, put the phone on mute mode and get in focus.

Seems easy to do? Let’s put it to test.

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