About Interkef

The Digital Productivity Channel

Interkef is committed to your productivity and user-experience as a participant in the global digital space - personal, professional, business

Each member of our team has a pile of activities – to-dos, tasks, assignments – that might look like this on each particular day:

  • Private: scheduled home responsibilities, planning a family vacation, organizing photo albums, paying insurance, special dinner menu, and recipes.

  • Personal: posting  Facebook, sharing on Instagram, running a blog, participate in groups and forums.

  • Professional: updating a website, acting in social media, running a campaign, writing an article, prepare a presentation, research competition, refreshing knowledge.

  • Business: collecting leads, absorbing requests, managing projects, documenting ideas, following billings and payments.

Handling all these require accurate processes: curating and preserving information, preparing images, producing content, distributing content, sales and marketing, customer relationships, updating work teams, prioritizing, tracking, archiving and a lot more.

It requires tools, techniques and best practices.

That is what Interkef all about: give busy people the answers to what’s needed, where to get it and how to use it.
On the way, we answer to inherent dilemmas like: is it worth paying, does it excuse the effort of switching, will it fit my team members?

Interkef is committed to your digital productivity and user-experience as a participant in the global digital space:

  • Recommendations about tools and solutions for your needs and requirements.
  • Tips for better use and higher satisfaction with all your digital activities – personal, professional and business.
  • Updates about what’s new & important to your productivity in the digital space.

We think of Interkef as an advisory channel.  The objective is a long-term relationship with every visitor. This can be based on two fundamentals: give value and earn trust.

Interkef’s recommendations and tips are based on experience, testing and research.

Every piece of content in Interkef is planned to bring immediate value (depends on the user level and experience). All the content represents a vision about productivity and how to maximize it with minimum hassle.

Every tool we test, every solution we look for, every process we try, each piece of the puzzle, must meet these top rules and guidelines:

  1. Improves functionality as an individual user and\or as part of groups.
  2. Suitable for use in one or several types of productivity – personal, professional, business – private or shared\public.
  3. Integrates into the overall concept of one digital space – in the computer, phone, and all other devices.
  4. Retains smooth transition between devices, platforms, and tools, without additional logouts\logins.
  5. Can be used in synergy with other tools (e.g. The calendar and the task manager)
  6. No double tasking.
  7. Simplicity.
  8. Free or at a fair price (when essential).

We want to be your top-of-mind domain (Interkef.com) for digital productivity answers and knowhow.

There is a learning curve in using Interkef

Interkef is focused on productivity solutions, services, and products. These are not things you click-and-buy. In order to accept our recommendations, and then buy, our readers and followers must understand the methodology behind them and do their own homework to customize it.

What differentiates us from other productivity channels?

Well, we hope that in a few days, after using Interkef for a while, you will give the answer to that, and share with friends and colleagues:

  1. Interkef tackles productivity issues from a different angle. A major example: we prefer and push focusing on task management upon project management.
  2. Our tool recommendations are solid. Although, we encourage you to use them also as ‘food for thoughts’. Sometimes, following our recommendations will lead you to use your current tool differently rather than switch to the specific recommended tool.

How do we make money?

  • Affiliate programs
  • Partnerships and commissions
  • Advertising programs
  • Selling our own products and subscriptions
  • Donations

Our affiliate links and partnerships are carefully selected, by experience and\or by research.

Yes, if you follow many of our recommendations we might profit. What we will earn, thanks to you and others, will help us concentrate on maintaining and developing Interkef.

No, you will never pay more for a product or a service just because you found us trustworthy.

Interkef Networks was founded and is operated by RoMa (Ronen Mayer), content marketing expert and digital productivity guru.
Chief editor and content manager: Jim Hudson, highly experienced writer and editor for websites, advertising, and media.

Interkef office is in Tel Aviv, Israel.

We areYour Productivity Gurus.

Our MissionEnriching your online experience by improving your digital productivity.

Our VisionProductivity is a skill one should forever improve.

Our MottoEverything is complicated therefore solutions must be simple.

Our PromiseProductivity is fun.

We are trying hard to be fair and transparent. If you find some things that point otherwise or things that need fixing, PLEASE talk to us.