Google Translate Online – Quick Guide for Web and Mobile

How to use Google Translate online and some of the most useful features, quick translation from search, Chrome extension and the mobile app

Google Chrome and Android best practice for conveniently using Google Translate online

Do you need translation as part of your ongoing digital activities? If you do than Google Translate online is an essential instrument for you.

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Backbone Collection: First Layer of Productivity Hardware Software

Regardless how you get the backbone collection, and what will be your selected tools, know the ingredients

The backbone collection of tools should come as ‘hardware software’. Checklist

The backbone collection is the first layer of software and utilities that are necessary for actually doing things in the digital space using your devices.
It called ‘hardware software’ because it is common to see the backbone tools as part of the hardware and connectivity setup.

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Hardware Definition: 2 Devices, 9 Accessories

Two factors particularly affect the decision which devices to choose: the price and your habits. We add few points to think about

Focus on productivity and save money with our hardware definition basics

To have the best is always good, but to be productive, there is no need to force yourself to the top and expensive hardware unless your other uses require it. Hardware definition is a matter of needs vs. convenience. We define the needs.

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Internet Access – You Pay for Speed and Security

Basically, you need 3 internet access networks. For choosing internet access plans, you must recognize the vendors in your country and region

Home, office and mobile internet access to connect the digital space with your devices

Internet access is a service that enables you to connect your devices to the digital space, consequently to your online accounts, profiles and tools.

You pay for the ability to connect your devices, and for speed and security. Compare these parameters when shopping for internet access.

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Separate Your Digital Activities by Entities

For the matter of productivity John Doe is five different persons. Each has his own tasks and duties. His own digital activities

You might need some entities for your digital activities. By default, you have four

Activities do not mix. Top example: controlling personal communications with professional and business in the same mailbox – bad idea. On the other hand, controlling all your different mailboxes with one email tool – good idea.

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