How-to Add a Quick Note from Your Mobile to Notion

Adding quick notes with the Notion mobile app is frustrating? Here's an elegant solution for Notion quick notes

Screenshot - Notion quick notes icons

A simple workaround for adding quick notes in Notion from a mobile device

It is no secret that Notion’s mobile app isn’t fast. Adding a quick note to a Notion workspace on-the-go, from a smartphone or a tablet, is not a native feature. Too much waiting, too many clicks.

Not a good thing for a note-taking application.

The solution: add a home screen shortcut to open the notes database page

  • Open your mobile browser and open your notion workspace.
  • Go to the database you want to capture quick notes.
  • Save the page as a Home App.
  • Use the icon to open the Notion app in the specific database.
  • Then use the New button of the database.

These instructions are for Android devices, but the same idea should work also for iOS devices.

It is wise to prepare various templates for frequent types of quick notes, like receipts, contacts, etc..

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