2+1 Essential Asana Chrome Extensions

Search your Asana workspaces, add new tasks on-the-go, curate bookmarks and paste images into your tasks

Task management - Asana Chrome extensions

Install these Asana Chrome extensions to quickly add tasks and bookmarks and to paste images in tasks

Asana (asana.com) is one of the most popular task management tools in the world. Asana users have almost all they need to manage tasks and project within the app. What Asana does not give in the application, it allows by integration. So, basically, you do not need anything else to make the most out of Asana.

Yet, we recommend two Asana Chrome extensions that are essential for all Asana users and one more that might be essential for some.

1. Asana official Chrome extension

This extension, created by Asana, allows you to interact with your Asana account from any tab in Chrome. You can search your workspaces, add new tasks and bookmark web pages for later reading.

Get the extension: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/asana/khnpeclbnipcdacdkhejifenadikeghk

How to use the extension:

Asana official Chrome extension - screenshot
  1. Current user icon.
  2. Select workspace. By default, it will display the workspace you are working on.
  3. Search workspace.
  4. Name task. When bookmarking the current page, this will automatically be the page title.
  5. Assign to. By default, it will display the current user (you).
  6. Select the project for the task.
  7. Write a description and notes. When bookmarking the current page, the page URL will be displayed automatically.
  8. Set date.
  9. Bookmark the current page. When clicking the bookmark button, the page URL will be added to the description.
  10. Set custom fields. This button is active after selecting a project for the task. All custom fields that are associated with the selected project will be available.
  11. Create Task.

Note: if you bookmark the current page before typing the task name and description, the current page title will become the task name and the page URL will be added to the task description. If you click the bookmark button (9) after typing a task name and description, the URL will be added to the description.

Clicking on the Asana icon on the top left corner will open your Asana ‘My Tasks’ list.

2. Asana Paste extension

In Asana you can add images to a task by using the ‘Add File’ button located on top of the task pane. On a mobile device, you can do that too, i.e. add an image as a file, and also you can add an image to a task directly from the phone camera.

The Asana Paste extension allows pasting an image to an Asana task. With this extension, there is no need to save an image to upload it into a task. Just copy the image, from a website or a screenshot tool, and paste to the task.

Get the extension: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/asana-paste/fhhacggjpkemdpfmhleogpmbefnljcpi

Note: Asana announced a built-in paste image feature, but it doesn’t always work properly, so we recommend installing the Asana Paste extension.

One more Asana Chrome extension you might want to know about

3. Crosscheck for Asana

This extension, offered by Unito.io, is useful for Asana users who need better and more sophisticated reporting features. It has some other functionalities like the official extension but its power is in the enhanced reports.

Get the extension: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/crosscheck-for-asana/cbnanllnipdggjajbdceeglkiahlknfg

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