Separate Your Digital Activities by Entities

For the matter of productivity John Doe is five different persons. Each has his own tasks and duties. His own digital activities

Entities - Separate Your Digital Activities

You might need some entities for your digital activities. By default, you have four

Activities do not mix. Top example: controlling personal communications with professional and business in the same mailbox – bad idea. On the other hand, controlling all your different mailboxes with one email tool – good idea.

By default, everybody has four entities: private, personal, professional, business. One might not use them all, but everyone has them.
There might be more entities. All can be named or even branded.
Some entities are forced on you, like your work entity, when you are part of a certain team or have a role in a project. These usually come with an email address to use in the entity’s digital activities.

Example: John Doe’s digital activities and entities
Private John [email protected] Private email communications Family Instagram
Personal john [email protected] Facebook Profile
Cat Lover John [email protected] Blog Instagram
Pro John [email protected] Blog Reddit Account Facebook Group
Working John [email protected] Work email communications Intranet Profile

For the matter of productivity, John Doe is five different persons \ users. Each has his own tasks and duties, his own list of connections and contacts, his own set of tools. His own digital activities.

Where to separate entities completely?

  • File archive
  • Avatar
  • Email inbox
  • Social media

Where to separate entities by feature (tags, projects etc.)?

Separation method depends on each entity extent of activity. When an entity is very active a full separation is needed.

The one place where a rigid separation between entities is off-limits for any scenario is the task management environment; you must always be able to view all your tasks from all your digital activities in one place.

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