Internet Access – You Pay for Speed and Security

Basically, you need 3 internet access networks. For choosing internet access plans, you must recognize the vendors in your country and region

Lock & key - Security and speed for internet access

Home, office and mobile internet access to connect the digital space with your devices

Internet access is a service that enables you to connect your devices to the digital space, consequently to your online accounts, profiles, and tools.

You pay for the ability to connect your devices, and for speed and security. Compare these parameters when shopping for internet access.

Basically, you need 3 internet access networks:

  • Home network – Wi-Fi broadband
  • Office network – Wi-Fi broadband (under the responsibility of the business owner)
  • Mobile network – cellular connectivity

Home and office networks require equipment supplied by the access vendor.
connecting your PC or laptop at home or at the office, you can choose between a wireless connection or a wired connection.
The wired connection should be available by your desk or any major working point. The wireless option enables you to work where you want.
The speed you need depends on some factors like your digital activities, how many devices are connected simultaneously and budget.

For the mobile network, you need to be a customer of a mobile service vendor in your area.
The mobile connection can be the hotspot for internet access when there is no Wi-Fi connection or other. This process is called tethering. It is costly and should be used just in cases of an emergency need for internet access.

Options of broadband internet access: satellite, cable, telephone wires, wireless or mobile connections.

For choosing access plans, you must recognize the vendors in your country and region and do your shopping and negotiations.

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