Asana vs. Notion – Task Management in a Micro Business

Asana will cost you ten times more then Notion. When you need a dedicated task management app, absorbing the difference in price is inevitable

A gardener - Task Management in a Micro Business Asana vs. Notion

The default choice for a micro business is Notion. So the question is ‘When to use Asana?’ Three scenarios

The task management system is the heart of business activity. Tasking – getting things done – is the bloodstream. That is correct for any business of any size. Thus, having a methodology and selecting a task management solution is crucial for all businesses.

Asana vs. Notion – Two approaches to tasking

For a micro-business (1-5 employees) there are two approaches to think of and choose from:

  • The personal solution – an All-in-One tool with high-level tasking capabilities.
    Notion is the new name in this group of solutions that also includes Evernote and Trello among others.
  • The organizational solution – a dedicated tasking app that can also serve as an information space for teams and individuals.
    Asana is a leading name in this crowded club of tools that also contains Wrike and Monday to name a few.
Four parameters influence the decision between them:
  1. The number of tasks the business is tracking at a given time.
  2. The intensity of the collaboration needed.
  3. The working style and preferences of the leader (i.e., the business owner).
  4. The costs.

Both tools Asana and Notion are excellent. Asana is the benchmark in task management for SMB (5-500 employees) and project teams. Notion is the best platform for personal management.

Since most of the micro businesses are one-person organizations, and all of them are highly centralized, and since the starting price is much lower – the default choice is Notion.
So the question to be answered is ‘When to use Asana?’

Note: Till now Notion doesn’t have some essential features for a task management solution of any kind, like e-mail integration and a browser extension. But it is likely that things like that will come in Notion soon.

Three scenarios in which Asana would be a better choice:

  • The more tasks you have, the more you need a dedicated tasking tool.
  • As the assignments get complicated, a designated task management platform is required.
  • When collaboration is intensive, a tasking app environment is requisite.

Asana vs. Notion: The gardeners vs. the content team

For example, let’s look at two entirely different businesses, each with five workers, an owner, and four employees: A gardening service company and a content marketing firm.

The first has a lot of clients that pay for treatment once in two or three months. The second has a few clients with a dynamic pile of projects and tasks for each.

Tasks of the gardeners are either scheduled or done. The reports for mission accomplished are sent by instant messaging.
The content team has to deal with many stages for each task. Reporting is done online within the task and includes operating the stage field, adding notes and information, and reassignment.

The gardening team needs a shared calendar and a basic knowledge base, while everything else can be managed solely by the owner.
The content marketing staff, on the other hand, need to interact with tasks, discuss things and think together all the time.

Asana vs. Notion – The differences are clear, the conclusion is too.

The owner of the gardening service will pay $4 a month for a personal Notion account where he\she will manage everything and collaborate where needed.

The owner of the content marketing firm will pay $40 per month for a premium Asana account where he\she can track everything and lead the teamwork.

When you really need a dedicated task management app, absorbing the difference in price is inevitable.

Asana premium plan costs $9.99 per month per user. It is a tiered plan, so the payments are for packs of five users. It is not the cheapest deal nor the most expensive one.
Tiered plans are common in task management tools.

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