Notion is a fast-growing platform for organizing stuff in workspaces customized to your way of doing things

Asana logoOrganizing stuff – personal, professional, and business – was never easy. If it was, there weren’t so many tools offering a solution. In the digital era, one might think, getting organized should become a lot simpler than ever before. In some ways it is, and you probably use few tools to prove it. And yet, you are still in a search for the “total organizer” – in a price you can afford.

Notion may be what you are looking for. The fast-growing platform claims to be an All-in-One application – notes, wikis, and databases containing pages\records with text, links, images, videos, files, embeds and more.

Using Notion can bring order and control to your thoughts, ideas, information, media, and data. It is an intuitive tool and highly versatile that can grow with your doings and needs.

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Things to Consider while Working with Notion

Avoid the Notion Setup addiction, search in a workspace or a database, keep parent pages clean, don’t panic from the changing icons, Control properties order in different views