Taking Notes vs Note-Taking, Understanding the Difference

Understanding the difference between note-taking and taking notes is crucial for your productivity

Devices - Taking Notes vs Note-Taking

Taking notes should be done in context and by conventions. Note-taking is free-style. You need different tools for each

How many apps are you using for taking notes? It depends on how many apps you have in your workflow. You take notes in your task management app, project management app, writing tool, maybe in your calendar too while preparing a meeting.

How many note-taking apps are you using? Probably one you chose carefully after testing a few. Evernote and Google Keep are two of the most well known note-taking apps.

Understanding the difference between taking notes and note-taking is crucial for your productivity.

Taking notes is a process of systematically cultivate knowledge, documents, tasks and more by adding remarks, comments, instructions, examples and other stuff that can contribute. In this process, you have to follow conventions.

Note-taking is a craft of methodologically recording information, thoughts, ideas, pictures, and more on-the-go for later organizing and use. Note-taking is free-style – do it your way.

Taking notes and note-taking are two different things that need different tools

This might seem a vague insight so in order to make it more clear I will use a real-life example: How we do both – taking notes note-taking in Interkef team.

Taking notes in Asana, Trello, Word, Notion and wherever needed

We use some tools in our workflow: Asana for task management, Trello for media projects, MS-Word for creating documents and Notion for content management and knowledge base.
All tools have the capability of writing notes and comments, so we can add things and have a discussion about them.
Taking notes must be in context, done by conventions that everybody knows and be collaborative.

Note-taking app: Bring your own

Each member in our team is using his\hers preferred note-taking app. They use it as they like, usually for personal uses as well.
The only requirement by the team is to share properly: Business and administration issues to the task management workspace, content ideas to the specific editor workspace, and other stuff to our knowledge base.

Sharing can be done directly, by an extension or script, by email, share-to-app in smartphones, or in any other way that put the note in the right place. The decision to save or archive the source note is up to the user who shares it.

Sure you have noticed that sharing from the note-taking apps to the workflow is a form of taking notes.

TN\NT – the differences

  • Taking notes demands concentrations and focus, note-taking is a distraction.
  • Taking notes should be done in context and by conventions, note-taking is free-style.
  • Taking notes is a structured process, note-taking is intuitive.
  • Taking notes is done in context on various apps, note-taking requires only one selected tool.
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